Estate Litigation

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Losing a loved one is devastating. Adding to the loss can be the realization that the affairs of the deceased are not being properly managed. An accounting may be required to scrutinize the administration of the estate. Sometimes an executor (now called an estate trustee) has to be removed. Sometimes a will of the deceased has been executed in questionable circumstances and a challenge to that will is appropriate.


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Disputes may arise when a loved one is alive, but incapable, and their affairs are being managed by a relative under a power of attorney. When this management goes astray, an accounting is required to determine what is taking place. In other circumstances the management of the loved one’s affairs may need to be taken over by a guardian, (often another relative), pursuant to a court appointment.

We have experience in all of these areas, including the preparation of wills, powers of attorney, and the administration of estates. We employ all of the techniques designed to facilitate a resolution of the issues (mediation, settlement meetings, pre-trials), but we are prepared to litigate to the full extent when necessary.

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