Celina Fotiadis

Celina Fotiadis


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Meaghan Hungate

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Law Clerk:
Amanda Chrysdale

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Celina Fotiadis completed her LLP practical training with Carroll Heyd Chown and joined the firm as an associate following her 2019 Call to the Bar.

Celina went to law school at the University of Leicester in England, where she completed a concentrated two-year degree. While in law school, Celina’s final contract exam was selected as an example of an A+ exam for the education of future classes.

While completing her licensing through the LPP, Celina and her virtual “firm” competed in the legal innovation challenge and won the top prize, a lunch at Osgoode Hall with Mr. George Strathy, Chief Justice of the Court of Appeal of Ontario.

When not at work, Celina enjoys reading, traveling and dining out. She describes herself as a bit of a foodie and is constantly on the hunt for new and exciting cuisine.

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